Shark Filmed Feeding on ‘Bunker Pod’ in Mesmerizing Video

What does a shark assault seem like from the sky? Not an assault on people, however on hundreds of fish.

Officers from the New York State Parks and Historic Websites have captured gorgeous aerial footage of a requiem shark because it lunged into a faculty of Atlantic menhaden, referred to as a “bunker pod.”

The New York State Division of Environmental Conservation shared the footage on July 25 in a publish on Fb that has been seen over 8,800 instances.

Stills from the footage of a requiem shark chasing a faculty of fish. The New York State Division of Environmental Conservation shared the footage on July 25 in a publish on Fb that has been seen over 8,800 instances.
NYS Division of Environmental Conservation/NY State Parks & Historic Websites

“Requiem sharks are one of many largest grouping of sharks and are within the household Carcharhinidae,” the NYS Division stated. “They’re robust energetic swimmers with slender torpedo-shaped our bodies with rounded snouts.”

Requiem sharks are one of many largest and best-known households of sharks. There are 52 identified species of those sharks, which embrace bull sharks, blacktip sharks, and tiger sharks. In keeping with the Merriam-Webster dictionary, their title derives from the French requin, that means shark. Nevertheless, others consider that they had been named in reference to the Catholic funeral mass, additionally known as Requiem, resulting from their spectacular looking abilities.

Certainly, apart from the good white shark—which belongs to a bunch known as the mackerel sharks—requiem sharks are answerable for extra unprovoked shark assaults on people than every other species, in line with the Museum of Florida’s Shark Assault File.

In keeping with the NYS Division of Environmental Conservation, the 4 commonest sorts of requiem sharks in New York State are spinner sharks, dusky sharks, Atlantic blacktips, and sandbars.

“They might be grey to brown and normally have light-colored undersides,” the division stated. “Many species of sharks are related to one another and particular person species could also be tough to determine.”

Subsequently, it’s not precisely clear which species might be seen within the drone footage.

The publish has obtained a whole bunch of likes from fascinated viewers.

“Superior. Love seeing the considerable sea lifetime of our south shore seashores,” stated one person. “Fascinating,” stated one other.

The vast majority of shark assaults happen when sharks confuse people for his or her pure prey, resembling fish and seals. If you happen to see fish education like this, you must at all times maintain your distance.

The NYS DEC additionally recommends avoiding swimming in murky water and at nightfall, night time, and daybreak, when sharks could also be most energetic.

If you happen to do end up swimming with sharks, it is vital to not act like meals: do not splash within the water and, in case you are diving, keep eye contact.