Cat Drops Venomous Snake Underneath Christmas Tree: ‘Fairly Happy with Itself’

Everyone knows what it is prefer to obtain an undesirable Christmas present. However as an alternative of ugly socks and itchy jumpers, one household in Hampton, in Australia’s Queensland state, obtained a a lot deadlier shock: A extremely venomous snake left beneath the Christmas tree by their pet cat.

Images of the incident have been shared on Fb by Darling Downs Snake Catchers. Within the pictures, the small red-bellied black snake could be seen curled up among the many Christmas presents, whereas the smug cat watches on.

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“[The] cat appeared fairly pleased with itself,” a spokesperson for Darling Downs Snake Catchers advised Newsweek.

“Oh no method! Naughty cat!” commented one consumer.

“That is it, not getting a cat,” mentioned one other.

This isn’t the primary snake to seek out itself beneath a Christmas tree this yr. Earlier in December a non-venomous Keelback snake was discovered hiding among the many presents at a house in Hervey Bay, additionally in Queensland.

Not like the Keelback, red-bellied black snakes are dangerously venomous, though the spokesperson for Darling Downs Snake Catchers mentioned there aren’t any information of human deaths from this species. Nonetheless, those that get bitten aren’t all the time left unscathed: “Folks have misplaced fingers, as a result of its flesh destroying toxins,” the spokesperson mentioned.

Crimson-bellied black snakes could be discovered alongside the jap fringe of Australia and are normally related to moist habitats inside forests, woodlands and grasslands. They’ll develop as much as six and a half toes in size and so they feed on fish, frogs and reptiles, together with different snakes.

The Australian Museum mentioned that the species is without doubt one of the most steadily encountered snakes on the east coast of Australia, and that it is accountable for quite a few bites yearly. Nonetheless, they’re very shy animals and can solely chew as a final resort.

Red-bellied black snake
The red-bellied black snake. It was faraway from beneath a Christmas tree.
Darling Downs Snake Catchers/Fb

Their venom is thought to wreck muscle tissue and cease blood from clotting, and envenomation could cause bleeding and swelling on the chew web site, nausea, complications, diarrhea, sweating, muscle ache and red-brown urine.

Though the red-bellied black snake remains to be pretty ample in some areas of its vary, its habitats are in danger amid wetland drainage and damaging administration. They’re additionally susceptible to the toxin of the Cane toad, which is considered a key issue of their decline in components of Queensland and New South Wales.

Within the current case, after being faraway from beneath the Christmas tree, the snake was launched in bushland close to a creek. Neither the snake nor the cat have been harmed.

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